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By | March 21, 2023

Atari Headquarters, located at 78 Rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris, France, is the corporate offices of the iconic gaming company, Atari. Founded in 1972, by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, Atari is one of the first companies to make home video game consoles available in the United States. It is also credited with ushering in the age of arcade gaming. Atari’s headquarters is the perfect place to get a glimpse into the history of gaming and the impact it has had on society.

Atari Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

Atari Headquarters

78 Rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris, France

Phone: 33 8 00 81 48 50 is the contact number for Atari’s corporate office and headquarters. Call this number to discuss any inquiries or questions you have regarding the company. You may also be directed to other departments or individuals who can assist you.

Atari Headquarters, located at 78 Rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris, France, is the corporate headquarters of the iconic gaming company, Atari. This building houses the offices of the company’s leadership, as well as research and development facilities. The building is a modern, four-story structure, featuring a sleek, contemporary design. Atari Headquarters is a testament to the company’s long-standing commitment to gaming and innovation.

Atari Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

Atari Headquarters Executive Team is comprised of top-level professionals with a wealth of experience in the gaming industry. The team is responsible for guiding the overall strategy and direction of the company. The following are key members of the Atari Headquarters Executive Team:

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• Fred Chesnais – CEO
• Michael Arzt – Chief Operating Officer
• Todd Shallbetter – Chief Financial Officer
• Todd Shallbetter – Chief Legal Officer
• Andre Wilson – Chief Technology Officer
• Michael Consoli – Chief Marketing Officer
• Todd Shallbetter – Chief Creative Officer
• Randy Broweleit – Chief Human Resources Officer
• Blake Jorgensen – Chief Business Development Officer

Atari Headquarters Location & Directions

About Atari

Atari is an iconic American video game and home computer company founded in 1972. It is credited with pioneering the video game industry, and is best known for its arcade games and home consoles from the 1970s and 1980s. Atari has released dozens of classic titles such as Pong, Asteroids, Missile Command and Breakout and popular franchises such as Star Raiders and Centipede. The company continues to develop new games and technologies for the modern gaming market.

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