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By | March 13, 2023

Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters located in South Burlington, VT is a premier ice cream chain that has been a staple in the community for decades. The headquarters is located at 30 Community Dr Suite 1, and houses the company’s corporate offices, research and development, and production facilities. The headquarters also provides a variety of services for the local community, ranging from providing a safe and fun environment for families to enjoy their favorite flavors, to offering workshops and seminars to help promote health and nutrition. In addition, the headquarters is home to a museum and retail store, where visitors can learn more about the company’s history and purchase their favorite Ben & Jerry’s products.

Ben Jerry’s Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

Ben Jerry's Headquarters

30 Community Dr Suite 1, South Burlington, VT 05403, USA


If you need to contact Ben & Jerry’s corporate office or headquarters, you can do so by calling +1 802-846-1500. This phone number will put you in contact with their customer service department.

You can also use this phone number to get in contact with the corporate office regarding questions, comments, or concerns about the company.

It is important to note that this phone number should not be used for any product related inquiries.

Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters is located in South Burlington, Vermont. This iconic ice cream company can be found at 30 Community Dr Suite 1, South Burlington, VT 05403, USA. It is a popular destination for visitors, who come to take a tour of the factory and enjoy the unique flavors of ice cream. Additionally, the headquarters is a hub for Ben & Jerry’s corporate activities and the home of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, which works to promote social justice and environmental stewardship.

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Ben Jerry’s Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The Executive Team at Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters is responsible for leading the company’s mission to make, distribute, and sell super-premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet while furthering its commitment to social justice. The team is composed of the following members:

1. Matthew McCarthy – Chief Executive Officer
2. Jostein Solheim – Chief Global Officer
3. Chris Miller – Chief Financial Officer
4. Benjamin & Jerry’s Co-Founders – Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield
5. Kelly Brown – Chief People & Community Engagement Officer
6. Tricia Williams – Chief Marketing Officer
7. Josh Kurzweil – Chief of Global Sustainability
8. Andrew Blakley – Chief of Technology & Strategy
9. Povl Sörensen – Chief Supply Chain Officer
10. Lainey Daniell – Chief Legal Officer

Ben Jerry’s Headquarters Location & Directions

About Ben Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is an American ice cream company, founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. It is a subsidiary of the British-Dutch Unilever conglomerate, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Ben & Jerry’s produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using high-quality ingredients and original recipes. The company’s ice cream flavors are well-known for their unusual names and inventive mix-ins, such as cookie dough and brownies. Ben & Jerry’s has become a popular brand and is committed to its social mission of making the world a better place.

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