CIA Headquarters | Corporate Office Address, Phone Contact

By | March 20, 2023

The CIA Headquarters is located at 1000 Colonial Farm Rd, McLean, VA 22101, USA. It is the principal intelligence and counterintelligence arm of the United States government. The CIA Headquarters is the home of the Central Intelligence Agency, the organization responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing information related to national security and foreign policy. The CIA Headquarters is a highly secure facility with advanced security features to protect confidential information and personnel.

CIA Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

CIA Headquarters

1000 Colonial Farm Rd, McLean, VA 22101, USA

Phone: To contact the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Corporate Office, you may call their headquarters phone number at (703) 482-0623. This is the best way to reach them for general inquiries or questions about their services. The CIA corporate office is available during regular business hours.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia. The address is 1000 Colonial Farm Rd, McLean, VA 22101, USA. This facility serves as the main headquarters for the CIA, which serves as the primary intelligence-gathering agency of the United States government. The building is a modern complex, with a number of high-security features. It is surrounded by a large perimeter fence and features various security measures, such as motion sensors and cameras. The facility also includes a library, auditorium, and a museum.

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CIA Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the premier foreign intelligence and counterintelligence organization of the United States of America. The Executive Team of the CIA Headquarters helps to guide the organization in its mission to protect the nation and its citizens. The team is composed of the following individuals:

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1. Gina Haspel – Director
2. Vaughn Bishop – Deputy Director
3. David J. Johnson – Chief Operating Officer
4. Douglas R. Wolfe – Chief Financial Officer
5. Elizabeth D’Andrea – Chief of Staff
6. Peter J. Slen – Associate Deputy Director for Digital Innovation
7. Dawn Meyerriecks – Associate Deputy Director for Science and Technology
8. Chris Sharpley – Inspector General
9. John A. McCord – General Counsel
10. Elizabeth A. Kitchen – Chief Diversity Officer

CIA Headquarters Location & Directions

About CIA

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