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By | March 24, 2023

Eat’n Park Headquarters is located at 245 E Waterfront Dr, Homestead, PA 15120, USA. It is a chain of restaurants that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers catering services for special events. The chain is known for its signature smiley cookie and its made-from-scratch menu. The restaurant is committed to providing customers with quality food and great customer service. The headquarters of Eat’n Park is home to the corporate offices, a bakery, and a commissary. The headquarters also offers a variety of dining options, including a full-service restaurant.

Eat’n Park Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

Eat'n Park Headquarters

245 E Waterfront Dr, Homestead, PA 15120, USA

Phone: For those looking to contact Eat’n Park’s corporate office and headquarters, they can do so by dialing +1412-464-7275. This number is available to customers and potential customers alike who may need to speak with someone regarding their services. It is recommended to have an idea of what you are calling about prior to dialing the number.

Eat’n Park Headquarters is a corporate office located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The address is 245 E Waterfront Dr, Homestead, PA 15120, USA. Founded in 1949, Eat’n Park is a full-service family restaurant chain with locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The headquarters is responsible for the management and oversight of all Eat’n Park operations. The building is home to the executive team, corporate management, and other departments.

Eat’n Park Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The Eat’n Park Headquarters Executive Team is composed of individuals with vast experience in the food service industry. Collectively, they are responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the company. The team is led by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Broadhurst and is comprised of the following members:

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• Kelly A. Krause – Chief Operating Officer
• John Fisher – Chief Financial Officer
• Mamie A. Spears – Chief Strategy Officer
• James R. Broadhurst – Chief Information Officer
• Kimberly A. Miller – Chief Human Resource Officer

Eat’n Park Headquarters Location & Directions

About Eat’n Park

Eat’n Park is a chain of family-style restaurants located in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States. Founded in 1949, the restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items, including breakfast items, burgers, salads, and desserts. Additionally, Eat’n Park is known for its “Smiley Cookie,” a large, decorated sugar cookie that is given to customers at the end of their meal. Eat’n Park is also widely popular for its hospitality and friendly atmosphere.

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