HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters | Corporate Office Address, Phone Contact

By | March 22, 2023

The HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters is located at 4967 Crooks Rd #200 in Troy, MI 48098. Founded in 1957, HoneyBaked Ham is a well-known provider of delicious hams, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. It is the largest retail provider of premium quality bone-in hams and turkey breasts in the US. The headquarters is the center of operations for the company, providing a wide range of services to support its operations.

HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters

4967 Crooks Rd # 200
Troy, MI 48098


If you wish to contact the HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters you can do so by calling their +1 248-641-8300 corporate office phone number. This is the main number to contact their corporate office with any inquiries.

The HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters is located in Troy, MI, USA at 4967 Crooks Rd # 200. This building houses the corporate offices of the popular HoneyBaked Ham Company, which has been providing delicious, pre-cooked hams for over 60 years. The facility also offers a variety of other products, including side dishes, desserts, and gift baskets. The HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters is a great place to visit for those who love the flavor and convenience of these delicious hams.

HoneyBaked Ham Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters Executive Team is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company’s stores throughout the United States. The team is headed by CEO and President, Chuck Gitkin, and consists of the following members:

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• Chuck Gitkin, CEO and President
• Scott Anderson, Chief Financial Officer
• Paul Luttrell, Chief Operating Officer
• Joe White, Chief Retail Officer
• Andrew Kress, Chief Marketing Officer
• Bryan Lewis, Chief Human Resources Officer
• John Buechler, Chief Information Officer

HoneyBaked Ham Headquarters Location & Directions

About HoneyBaked Ham

HoneyBaked Ham is a company that specializes in providing fully cooked and glazed spiral-sliced ham, turkey breast and other premium meats, as well as heat-and-serve sides, desserts and other products. The company has been a mainstay of the American holiday season since 1957, when the first HoneyBaked Ham store opened in Detroit, Michigan. Today, HoneyBaked Ham has hundreds of locations across the United States and is a well-known part of many holiday traditions.

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