IMAX Headquarters | Corporate Office Address, Phone Contact

By | February 22, 2023

IMAX Headquarters is located at 902 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USA. It is a leading entertainment technology company that designs, manufactures, and services motion picture film projection systems for large-format theaters. IMAX also has backed up several Hollywood movies and documentaries, with its immersive, large-format IMAX theaters. The IMAX Corporation has established a global network of theaters and digital media which has made IMAX the most recognized and preferred film brand in the world.

IMAX Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

IMAX Headquarters

902 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

Phone: +1 212-821-0100 is the phone number for IMAX’s corporate office and headquarters. To contact IMAX directly, simply dial the number and follow the instructions provided by the automated system. If you need to speak with a representative, press ‘0’ to reach the operator.

IMAX Headquarters, located at 902 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USA, is the main corporate office of the IMAX Corporation. Founded in 1967, IMAX is one of the world’s leading entertainment technology companies, specializing in immersive movie experiences. The headquarters is home to the offices of the company’s executives, as well as its research and development departments.

IMAX Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The IMAX Headquarters Executive Team is composed of experienced professionals with a history of successful business leadership. The team includes Richard Gelfond, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors; Rob Lister, the Chief Financial Officer; and Patrick McClymont, the Chief Operating Officer. With their collective business acumen, the IMAX Executive Team has been able to lead the company to international success and recognition.

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IMAX Headquarters Location & Directions

About IMAX

IMAX is a film entertainment company that specializes in creating larger-than-life movie experiences. Through its state-of-the-art projection and sound technology, IMAX provides audiences with immersive experiences in theaters across the globe. The company also creates and distributes Hollywood blockbusters as well as original documentaries and short films. IMAX is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality entertainment to its viewers.

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