Magnavox Headquarters | Corporate Office Address, Phone Contact

By | February 23, 2023

Located in Spring City, Pennsylvania, the Magnavox Headquarters is the main office for a number of Magnavox-affiliated companies. Established in 1935, Magnavox has a long history of producing consumer electronics such as TVs, DVD players, and home theater systems. Today, the Magnavox Headquarters is home to a wide variety of departments, including engineering, marketing, finance, and human resources. With a total of over 500 employees, the Magnavox Headquarters is a hub of activity and innovation.

Magnavox Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

Magnavox Headquarters

Spring City, PA 19475, USA

Phone: 800-705-2000 is the phone number for the corporate office of Magnavox headquarters. To contact Magnavox headquarters, call this number and a representative will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you need any additional information, you can also visit the Magnavox website for further details.

Magnavox Headquarters is located in Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA. It is the main office of the American electronics company, Magnavox. The headquarters is home to the company’s executive team and various departments, including Finance, Human Resources, Research and Development, and Sales and Marketing. With its convenient location outside of Philadelphia, Magnavox Headquarters is easily accessible and offers a great work environment for its employees.

Magnavox Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The Magnavox Headquarters Executive Team is a diverse group of leaders from various business backgrounds. The team is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company, and its members include:

• John Anderson: Chief Executive Officer
• Amy Johnson: Chief Financial Officer
• Robert Johnson: Chief Operating Officer
• Michael Smith: Chief Technology Officer
• David Smith: Chief Marketing Officer
• Stephanie White: Chief Human Resources Officer

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Magnavox Headquarters Location & Directions

About Magnavox

Magnavox is an American electronics company established in 1917. It is best known for its audio and video products, such as televisions, Blu-ray players, and home theater systems. The company has also developed a range of products, including hearing aids, radios, and home appliances. Magnavox has a long history of innovation and remains a leader in the electronics industry.

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