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By | March 27, 2023

The NATO Headquarters located at Jens Stoltenberg, Brussels, Belgium is the political and administrative center of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It serves as the headquarters for the Secretary General and the International Staff and coordinates the activities of the Alliance’s 28 Member States and the NATO agencies. Established in 1952, the Headquarters is responsible for providing strategic direction, operational coordination and policy guidance for the Alliance.

The Headquarters consists of two main buildings – the Main Building and the Summit Building – as well as the NATO Security Office, the NATO Library and a number of other supporting facilities. The Main Building houses the majority of the staff and is the primary location for meetings and conferences. The Summit Building is the venue for the summits and major high-level meetings.

NATO Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

NATO Headquarters

Jens Stoltenberg


If you would like to contact NATO’s corporate office or headquarters, you can use their phone number +32 2 707 41 11 to get in touch. Calling this number will put you in contact with a representative of the organization who can help you with your inquiry. Alternatively, you can also visit their website to find contact information for their various offices.

The NATO Headquarters, located in Brussels, Belgium, is overseen by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. As the head of NATO, Stoltenberg is responsible for promoting the security and stability of the Alliance, as well as overseeing its daily operations. The Headquarters is the nerve center of the Alliance, and hosts representatives from all 29 member states as well as from partner countries. From the Headquarters, Stoltenberg and his staff coordinate NATO’s activities in areas such as military operations, security policy, and crisis management. Additionally, the Headquarters is home to a number of important meetings and events, such as the annual NATO Summit and the meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

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NATO Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Headquarters Executive Team comprises a group of high-level officials responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities and policies. This team is composed of representatives from each of the 29 member states and is chaired by the Secretary General, who is appointed by the North Atlantic Council. The Executive Team works to ensure the political direction and strategic objectives of the organization are met.

The Executive Team includes the following members:

• Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg
• Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy: Pedro Serrano
• Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment: Mircea Geoana
• Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges: Elisabeth Spehar
• Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy: Tacan Ildem
• Deputy Secretary General: Rose Gottemoeller
• Directors of the International Staff: Matteo Biscelli, Stephen Mikulak, and Elizabeth Spehar
• Chair of the Military Committee: Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach
• Chief Executive of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency: Peter Dohmen
• Director of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly: David Hobbs

NATO Headquarters Location & Directions

About NATO

NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty. Its members are committed to mutual defense and security, and operate under a system of collective defense. NATO works to promote stability and peace through cooperative security, political dialogue, and military cooperation. The organization focuses on crisis management, arms control and disarmament, and regional security and stability.

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