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By | March 16, 2023

Optum’s Headquarters, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a world-class facility that combines the latest technology and amenities with a focus on wellness and sustainability. At 13625 Technology Drive, the Optum Headquarters is a three-building complex with 800,000 square feet of office space. The facility is also home to Optum’s Innovation Center, featuring a wide range of technology and services that encourage collaboration and innovation. From its LEED-certified buildings and green roofs, to its on-site fitness center and cafeteria, Optum Headquarters provides an environment that promotes employee health and well-being.

Optum Headquarters Address, Phone and Contact Details

Optum Headquarters

13625 Technology Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA

Phone: +1 888-445-8745 is the phone number for Optum’s corporate office and headquarters. To contact Optum by phone, dial this number and wait for a representative to answer. You can also use this number to get information about Optum’s products and services.

Optum’s headquarters is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The company occupies 13625 Technology Drive, a modern building which houses the company’s corporate offices and other facilities. The building was designed with the goal of creating an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. It features open floor plans, a variety of shared spaces, and modern amenities. Employees have access to a variety of amenities, including a wellness center, fitness center, and childcare facility. The building is also LEED-certified, demonstrating Optum’s commitment to sustainability.

Optum Corporate Headquarters Executive Team

The Optum Headquarters Executive Team consists of a diverse and highly experienced group of professionals. This team is at the forefront of driving Optum’s mission of helping people live healthier lives and creating a culture of well-being.

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1. Andrew Witty – Chief Executive Officer
2. Derica Rice – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
3. Alan Lotvin – Executive Vice President, Transformation
4. Dirk McMahon – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
5. Karen S. Lynch – President
6. Larry Renfro – Vice Chairman
7. John Prince – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Global Solutions
8. John Prince – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Ventures
9. John Prince – Chief Executive Officer, OptumRx
10. Sam Hoeltzel – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Bank
11. Chris Hayes – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Technology
12. Joshua R. Raskin – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Behavioral Health
13. Tom Paul – Chief Executive Officer, Optum Consulting
14. Gail Boudreaux – Executive Vice President, President, UnitedHealthcare
15. John Prince – Executive Vice President, UnitedHealth Group
16. David Wichmann – Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealth Group
17. Dirk McMahon – Chief Executive Officer, OptumInsight
18. Richard Migliori – Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
19. John Prince – Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, OptumHealth
20. Brian Stenvold – Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Optum Headquarters Location & Directions

About Optum

Optum is a healthcare technology and services company that provides data-driven solutions to improve the health of individuals and communities around the world. Its offerings include technology, analytics, clinical and administrative services, and consulting. Optum has worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations and businesses to develop innovative solutions that help them improve the quality of care and reduce costs. The company’s data-driven approach to healthcare technology allows it to identify areas of opportunity and develop strategies to address them. Optum’s commitment to improving health outcomes is evidenced by their dedication to providing the best possible technology and services to their clients.

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